Retroville is the city where The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron is set. Evidence points to it being located in Texas, with several references as it located there (ranches there, warm climate). Retroville is near a downtown area (as a possible reference to Sugar Land next to Houston).


  • Retro refers to old trends that have regained popularity once again, it is seen in some buildings and cars with 1950's style, and the towns Candy Bar seems to have a 1950's style design.
  • Retroville has an emergency siren system that sounds whenever the city is in danger. The sirens go off in Win, Lose, and Kaboom when a meteor hurtles toward Retroville.
  • There is debate over the exact location of Retroville, many believe that it is located in Texas of the United States. The location was revealed in the movie, "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius". In many episodes, characters often take off or land in a hoverdrone somewhere on the U.S. east or west coast. In "Lights, Camera, Danger", a lot of people misunderstood Jimmy after Quentin Smithee said that the movie was going to be shot in Retroville. Some thought Jimmy said "My screenplay takes place in London, not Texas." However, what he said was "My screenplay takes place in London, the Atlantic Ocean, a mythical world in Texas, Retroville doesn't look like any of those places." In the episode "When Pants Attack," Cindy says that Jimmy has "a head the size of Texas." Carl answers with "my uncle's from Texas!" implying the series does not take place in Texas.

Evidence supports the Texas theory. For example, in one episode, when Jimmy took off in the hoverdrone, a map showing his progress did show his starting point as being in the vicinity of Central Texas. One strong clue that they live in Texas is the TX that can be seen on Goddard's license plate in the original movie. Also in an episode where Jimmy, Carl and Sheen are thrown into a dumpster, the phone number on the dumpster for the garbage company gives an area code for Dallas, placing Retroville in the vicinity of Dallas. Plus, in the episode Stranded, when Jimmy and Cindy are flying to the Pacific Ocean, the starting point seems to be in Texas. This is likely due to the fact that the animation studio that worked on the series is located in Dallas, making it (technically) the point of origin. In the Bahama Quadrangle episode Sheen, Carl, and Jimmy seem to come from center of Texas, most likely Dallas. In the episode "Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius", Carl's Llama Society Card states Carl lives in "Retroville, USA".